Exec Team Meeting Minutes for June 2015

Posted July 7, 2015 by Speak Up! Toastmasters
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Saturday, June 13, 2015, 10 am

Participants: Swarna Reddy, Vaughn Greene , Kevin McCreery, Sean Su, Lynn Cohen

Minutes from Last Meeting – accepted with no modifications

Old Business:

Regarding a member’s inquiry about freezing their membership: we reviewed our research and determined TMI does not have a procedure for freezing a member or refunding membership. (Refunding would essentially make the member a former member and they would have to be reinstated at a future date.) Vaughn took the action to contact this member to let them know that our club dues are not transferrable or refundable.

We also thought it would be a good idea for the Path to Membership to be updated to clarify rules about dues.

Post meeting note from Lynn: the TMI Club Constitution gives clubs the option to define rules for designating an inactive member as well as Inactive Member Dues amounts. Recommend we revisit this topic at future meeting.

Officer Reports:

VP of Technology Report – Lynn recommended moving useful files from Dropbox to our SUTM site and deleting obsolete files from Dropbox.

Lynn mentioned that the Chamber web site needs to be updated at the end of June with new officer contact information. All accounts need to be reviewed as well to ensure correct contact information is in place (e.g. our gmail account, goDaddy, etc.) Lynn to work with Sean to review.

Sergeant at Arms Report – Nothing to report except big thanks to Ken for the additional file boxes and reorganizing our meeting materials.

Treasurer Report – Vaughn completed payment of our Chamber dues and room use fee for this next year. He is also planning to work with Darrell to order new checks and take care of signature cards at bank. At least Darrell and Lynn need to be signatories.

Secretary Report – not present

VP Public Relations Report – not present

VP Membership Report – not present

VP Education Report – Swarna is striving to assign mentors based on new member’s needs but also considering CL goals for potential mentors.

Swarna recommends that agendas be filled by Wednesdays with speaker details. Requested new VP of Ed work on how to improve filling out the agendas.

Swarna  recommended that new VP of Ed look at how to keep membership mentoring going. This will help new members stay engaged and will also help members who mentor to achieve their CLs.

Swarna recommended that we create a filing system/area for CL manuals so that everyone becomes more active in filling these out. Even if members have already completed CLs, filling out additional ones helps the club towards DCP.

Swarna mentioned starting a Member Survey. It would be nice if all the members were surveyed once a year on their experiences, what works and thoughts on improving.

President Report – not present

New Business

Lynn asked for input on the executive meeting start time. It’s set to 10 am on second Saturdays each month, but we’ve met at 9:45 in previous months. After discussion, we agreed to update the calendar to set the start time back to 9:45 am, otherwise the meeting is very rushed to complete by 10:30.

Lynn asked about attendees for TLI East. Post meeting note: we have Josh attending TLI West. Darrell, Kevin, Virginia, and Lynn are attending TLI East.

Lynn recommended that we develop a budget for this year.  She recommended keeping it simple by having Darrell ask all the officers to estimate needed spending for the year and estimate expected income (new members, dues renewals).  New officers will need help from outgoing officers to estimate expenditures.

Review of Action Items with completion dates

VP of Education: Review Toastmasters Club Constitution regarding dues rules to determine how to clarify dues in Path to Membership. Completion date: Review proposed changes at August Exec Meeting

President: Update club calendar to set exec meeting start time to 9:45 am. Completion date: asap


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