Exec Team Meeting Minutes for August 2015

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Saturday, August 08, 2015, 9:45 am

Participants: Lynn Cohen, Ken Taylor, Kevin McCreery, Darrell Keyes, Will Wilson, Virginia Hudson, Sean Su, Vaughn Greene

Minutes from Last Meeting – accepted with no modifications

Old Business:

Sean agreed to remove “Test” from the minutes link on the SUTM site.

Lynn and Ken each discussed their vision for the club.  Lynn encouraged the team to aim high and strive for all awards, such as the Smedley.  Ken mentioned our reputation as fun and loose yet well-organized.  Ken’s phrase “Toastmasters Without Borders” was well-received.

Darrell gave updates on the upcoming club contest.  The speaker of the target speech (for the Evaluation contest) has been confirmed.  The contest is scheduled from 11am to 2pm.  All supplies have been ordered.  The trophies are ready and Lynn will acquire them.  Darrell provided a sample agenda for the contest and asked for feedback.  Darrell provided a sign-up sheet for contest roles which was later circulated during the regular meeting.  We discussed encouraging everyone to bring refreshments, and Darrell mentioned that we have $30 in the budget that could be used for refreshments.  It was agreed that coffee is the most important refreshment.

Officer Reports:

VP of Technology Report – Sean is planning to learn more about the commonly-used technology, especially the TV.

Sergeant at Arms Report – Virginia has been placing all meeting materials (agendas, pens, voting slips, etc) together on a table at the front of the room at the start of each meeting.  All officers should encourage members and guests to grab their own supplies at the beginning of each meeting and return them to the table at the end.

Treasurer Report – Darrell has created a spreadsheet for the budget.  Lynn will send information about networking sites.  We agreed to eliminate Loaner Manuals from the budget since they are no longer needed.  We agreed to add a 1-time item for trophies (which covers both Fall and Spring contests).  We agreed to add an item for viewing the International Speech Contest.  We talked about adding an item for officer pins, and Ken and Vaughn mentioned that there is a way we can get the pins for free.

Secretary Report – Will is going to first post minutes under a different category, such as “drafts”, and send that link to the officers for approval.  Officers have 2 weeks to submit corrections/updates/edits.  After that, Will will update the minutes as needed and publish them under the normal “Exec Team Meeting Minutes” category.

VP of Public Relations Report – Kevin discussed 4 major social networking sites – Twitter, LinkedIn, MeetUp, and Facebook.  We agreed that MeetUp was the most important.  Kevin requested admin abilities for these sites.  We agreed to poll our members and see which sites they use most frequently.

We talked about putting ads in papers, especially for contests.  Vaughn suggested the “Chapel Hill News” publication which has a section for local events and would allow us to put something there for no charge.  Lynn suggested we also get our events onto the calendar on the Chapel Hill News website.

VP of Membership Report – Not present.

VP of Education Report – Ken will be out for a few weeks and had sent an email listing some tasks he normally does.  His supersheet project is ongoing and still requires input from all members.

Presidents Report – The International Speech Contest will start at 3pm (August 15) and thus might not be ideal for our club.  Sharon Eisner is working to reserve the same room as last year.

New Business

New members process – we agreed to discuss when Josh is present.

Ken raised some questions about dues amounts and simplifying the pro-rating process.  We agreed to eliminate cents and use only whole-dollar amounts.

Darrell mentioned that dues are due by September 19.  He agreed to give an earlier due date to our members in order to maximize the odds that we will collect them all before September 19.  Darrell agreed to use the website’s ability to email invoices.

The area contest, previously scheduled to begin at 6:30pm, will now begin at 6:00pm.  Lynn agreed to make this update on our club calendar.

Ken suggested that we could further enhance our reputation as a fun club by giving a creative presentation at the District Conference (Oct 23, 24).  Lynn agreed to look into getting SUTM onto the agenda.

Lynn mentioned that, in all likelihood, we will only send 1 winner from each contest to the Division G contest (Oct 8).  This has not been finalized but is very unlikely to change.

We discussed purchasing nametags for the major meeting roles, such as Toastmaster and General Evaluator, along with the officer nametags.  We agreed to purchase both groups of nametags.  The price range is expected to be $60-$90.  Lynn agreed to order them.

Vaughn suggested we add to our club calendar the networking events held by the Chamber of Commerce.  Ken said they have a morning event called “Business Before Hours” and an evening event called “Business After Hours”.

Review of Action Items with completion dates

VP of Technology

  • Remove the text “(Test)” from the meeting minutes link on the SUTM site
  • Help Ken with map


  • Update budget
  • Send out dues invoices


  • Post minutes online under “drafts” category

VP of Public Relations

  • Look into Chapel Hill News – print and website

VP of Education

  • Update dues chart


  • Order nametags
  • Reserve agenda slot for SUTM at District Conference
  • Procure trophies


  • Send Lynn your vision for the club and your individual vision for your role

Exec Team Meeting Minutes for July 2015

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Saturday, July 11, 2015, 9:45 am

Participants: Lynn Cohen, Ken Taylor, Josh Lowry, Darrell Keyes, Will Wilson, Virginia Hudson, Sean Su

Minutes from Last Meeting – accepted with no modifications

Old Business:

Regarding a member’s inquiry about freezing membership: as Lynn mentioned in the previous meeting minutes, the TMI Club Constitution gives clubs the option to define rules for designating an inactive member as well as Inactive Member Dues amounts.  Currently, SUTM has not defined such rules, so there is no process in place.  We agreed that a member could make arrangements ahead of time, i.e. before payment of dues, but once they are paid it is too late to make changes.

Officer Reports:

VP of Technology Report – Sean expressed a desire to learn more about the role of VP of Technology and noted that the mentor data on the website is out-of-date.

Lynn mentioned that the VP of Education (Ken) is responsible for the mentor data.  The VP of Technology is more focused on website administration and any equipment used during meetings.

Sergeant at Arms Report – nothing to report.

Treasurer Report – Darrell is ready to add Isao to the membership.  He is still waiting on the new debit card.  The account is now in Darrell’s name.  Darrell expressed uncertainty about expenses such as dues, rent, budget, etc.

Lynn mentioned that Vaughn (the previous Treasurer) should have all the info regarding expenses.  The Sergeant at Arms (Virginia) should handle making copies of all the roles.

Lynn suggested we print out a budget for the next meeting and encouraged everyone to send budget items to Darrell.

Secretary Report – Lynn had previously tested posting meeting minutes to WordPress; the test was successful.  Will agreed to post future meeting minutes on WordPress as well.  Lynn provided WordPress details to Will.

VP of Public Relations – not present

VP of Membership – Josh expressed a desire to learn more about the website and Ken agreed to help.

Lynn mentioned that we could track attendance.  Ken brought a sign-in sheet that could be passed around during each meeting.  We discussed the benefits of tracking this (and other) data, but also how the tracking of data requires maintenance.

VP of Education Report – Our club is Presidents Distinguished, and we must maintain a minimum of 20 members to stay Presidents Distinguished.  Our current base count is 31.  According to the official numbers (which might not be the most current), we have met two out of the ten goals (#1 and #10) required for Presidents Distinguished.  Ken will conduct New Member Orientation once a month, one week after the Exec Team Meeting.  Ken has created a supersheet to track progress and will send a survey to all members to get the initial data for the supersheet.  Ken expressed a desire to give members more opportunities to complete difficult requirements, such as organizing a club contest.

Presidents Report – Lynn has been focused on the website.  The phone number goes to Google Voice, and it can forward messages to multiple phone numbers.  The annual meeting is happening soon in Las Vegas, and no club members besides Sharon Hill are planning to attend, so Lynn has already completed the voting.

New Business

The club contest (for humorous speeches and evaluations) must be completed before the area contest.  The date of the area contest has not been finalized, but it is expected to be either September 22nd or September 1st, and likely the 22nd.  We discussed setting the club contest on September 5th or 12th.  The 5th is during Labor Day weekend, so we decided to plan on having the club contest September 12th.  If the area contest ends up happening earlier than September 22nd, we shall revisit the club contest date and adjust as necessary.  Lynn is looking into the purchasing of trophies for the club contest.  The Treasurer (Darrell) will need to order 2 speech kits.

Ken suggested that we hold another speech-a-thon, possibly in October or November.  Ken mentioned that we could hold a meeting at a library, record it, and put it online.  We discussed how, for a speech to count, it has to be evaluated.  We noted that the evaluation could be written and did not have to be oral.

We discussed purchasing badges for the officers.  They cost $8 each and there are 7 officers, so the total cost would be $56.  We agreed to revisit this idea when we have a formal budget.  The badges are item #311M.

Ken mentioned Advanced Leadership Bronze.  He talked about setting a club vision and deciding what we want to accomplish.

Ken suggested we encourage VP of Public Relations (Kevin) to get our club’s name in the newspaper more often, especially for the contests.

Sean agreed to help Ken figure out the best way to suggest ToastHost ideas/improvements.

Ken agreed to put how-to documents on the public site, e.g. “How To Be VP of Education”, etc.

Review of Action Items with completion dates

VP of Education: Review Toastmasters Club Constitution regarding dues rules to determine how to clarify dues in Path to Membership. Completion date: Review proposed changes at August Exec Meeting

Exec Team Meeting Minutes for June 2015

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Saturday, June 13, 2015, 10 am

Participants: Swarna Reddy, Vaughn Greene , Kevin McCreery, Sean Su, Lynn Cohen

Minutes from Last Meeting – accepted with no modifications

Old Business:

Regarding a member’s inquiry about freezing their membership: we reviewed our research and determined TMI does not have a procedure for freezing a member or refunding membership. (Refunding would essentially make the member a former member and they would have to be reinstated at a future date.) Vaughn took the action to contact this member to let them know that our club dues are not transferrable or refundable.

We also thought it would be a good idea for the Path to Membership to be updated to clarify rules about dues.

Post meeting note from Lynn: the TMI Club Constitution gives clubs the option to define rules for designating an inactive member as well as Inactive Member Dues amounts. Recommend we revisit this topic at future meeting.

Officer Reports:

VP of Technology Report – Lynn recommended moving useful files from Dropbox to our SUTM site and deleting obsolete files from Dropbox.

Lynn mentioned that the Chamber web site needs to be updated at the end of June with new officer contact information. All accounts need to be reviewed as well to ensure correct contact information is in place (e.g. our gmail account, goDaddy, etc.) Lynn to work with Sean to review.

Sergeant at Arms Report – Nothing to report except big thanks to Ken for the additional file boxes and reorganizing our meeting materials.

Treasurer Report – Vaughn completed payment of our Chamber dues and room use fee for this next year. He is also planning to work with Darrell to order new checks and take care of signature cards at bank. At least Darrell and Lynn need to be signatories.

Secretary Report – not present

VP Public Relations Report – not present

VP Membership Report – not present

VP Education Report – Swarna is striving to assign mentors based on new member’s needs but also considering CL goals for potential mentors.

Swarna recommends that agendas be filled by Wednesdays with speaker details. Requested new VP of Ed work on how to improve filling out the agendas.

Swarna  recommended that new VP of Ed look at how to keep membership mentoring going. This will help new members stay engaged and will also help members who mentor to achieve their CLs.

Swarna recommended that we create a filing system/area for CL manuals so that everyone becomes more active in filling these out. Even if members have already completed CLs, filling out additional ones helps the club towards DCP.

Swarna mentioned starting a Member Survey. It would be nice if all the members were surveyed once a year on their experiences, what works and thoughts on improving.

President Report – not present

New Business

Lynn asked for input on the executive meeting start time. It’s set to 10 am on second Saturdays each month, but we’ve met at 9:45 in previous months. After discussion, we agreed to update the calendar to set the start time back to 9:45 am, otherwise the meeting is very rushed to complete by 10:30.

Lynn asked about attendees for TLI East. Post meeting note: we have Josh attending TLI West. Darrell, Kevin, Virginia, and Lynn are attending TLI East.

Lynn recommended that we develop a budget for this year.  She recommended keeping it simple by having Darrell ask all the officers to estimate needed spending for the year and estimate expected income (new members, dues renewals).  New officers will need help from outgoing officers to estimate expenditures.

Review of Action Items with completion dates

VP of Education: Review Toastmasters Club Constitution regarding dues rules to determine how to clarify dues in Path to Membership. Completion date: Review proposed changes at August Exec Meeting

President: Update club calendar to set exec meeting start time to 9:45 am. Completion date: asap


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